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Join us for a builder and tradesperson focused dive into the Technical, the Technique, and the Technology of Passive House Construction.

4pm Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, LA | 6pm Chicago | 7pm New York, Toronto
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Sandra Rohler's insights from the Little Mountain Cohousing Passive House Project at Construction Tech (March 9)

Video from Past Construction Tech Tuesdays:

February 10 Offsite PH Projects — Brandon Weiss, Dvele

February 2 Avoiding PH PH@*#$ Ups — Prudence Ferreira, BR+A Consulting Engineers

A lot can go wrong in the design and construction of any building. Add in the specific certification requirements and performance targets for Passive House buildings, and there is even less room for error. That’s why Prudence Ferreira joins the Construction Tech Tuesday crew to talk through the how-not’s and don’ts of Passive House. Check out Prudence's slide deck here.

January, 26 Fluid Air Barriers — Aaron McCormack, 475 High Performance Building Supply.

Aaron McCormack, Technical Manager of 475 High-Performance Building Supply, and Construction Tech Tuesday co-host Kevin Brennan dive into the tech of fluid-applied air barriers at next week’s show. Expect a rundown of on-site prep, substrate conditions, thickness needed (and how to test for it), airless paint sprayer application, hand application, and more!

January, 19 The The RED Door of Truth — Emily Rhea & Lindsey Elton, Eco Achievers:

Lindsey and Emily talk through the technique, technology, and technical strategies of testing commercial spaces, obstacles and insights from third-party experts, modeling, site inspections, and testing for ACH.

January, 12 Domestic Hot Water for Passive House — Adam Romano, Steven Winter Associates:

The Construction Tech Tuesday crew welcomes Adam Romano, a senior building systems consultant at Steven Winter Associates. In this episode, Adam talks about the technical, technique, and technology of domestic hot water systems in Passive House construction with co-hosts Kevin Brennan, Shaun St-Amour, and Mark Willie. Adam brings a decade of experience to the table as a technical trainer, energy auditor, and service technician to the table.

January, 5 ZEB Learning Centre — Alex Herbert, BC Institute of Technology:

We teamed up with Alex Hebert, Zero Energy/Emissions Building Manager at British Columbia’s Institute of Technology. We all know that we should build a mockup for our first high-performance project, but what does one look like, and which details need to be shown? At this Tech Tuesday, we review the various mockups that are on display at BCIT and provide you with tips on how to get started with your own.

December 22, 6“PH“lavors of Timber — Ian Robertson, AA ROBINS architect:

Episode 6: Ian Robertson joined the Construction Tech crew to talk about 6 “PH”lavors of timber. He talks about the technique, technical, and technology of designing with and installing NLT, LVL, DLT, Mass-OSB, LSL, and glulam beams.

December 15, PREFAB Insights — David Arnott, Tag Panels:

Episode 5: David Arnott, from TAG Panels in Squamish, BC, joined us on the Construction Tech Tuesday program. David talks with co-hosts Kevin Brennan, Shaun St-Amour and Mark Wille about offsite manufacturing, airtightness in panelized systems and Passive House prefab. To learn more about the technique, technical, and technology of panelized prefab check out episode 5.

December 8, 2X 1600LB LiftSlide Installs — Marcel Studer, Econ Group (N. Vancouver):

Episode 4: On December 8 Marcel Studer, principal at Econ Group in Vancouver, Canada, joins co-hosts Kevin Brennan, Shaun St-Amour and Mark Wille for the Construction Tech Tuesday program. In addition to insights from Marcel, you can expect a little Passive House East Coast-West Coast showdown with Kevin. Marcel talks about the tech behind installing two 1600 lbs lift and slide door systems in Vancouver, and Kevin dives into overcoming air sealing challenges in the Cornell Tech Tower in New York City.

December 1, Thermally Broken Deck — Matt Risinger, Steve Baczek and Jake Bruton:

Episode 3: On December 1, we welcomed guests Matt Risinger of “The Build Show” fame, and his colleagues Steve Baczek and Jake Bruton, for a not-to-be-missed edition of Passive House Accelerator Construction Tech. Our guests and Construction Tech co-hosts dove into the technical aspects of a thermally-broken steel cantilever, the technique of the “Missouri Corner”, and the technology of integrating construction materials for wall assemblies with interior comfort in mind.

November 24, Exterior Insulated Build — Darryl Caunt, Tri-AMMM Developments:

Episode 2: Watch this builder and tradesperson focused dive into the Technical, the Technique, and the Technology of Passive House Construction. Darryl Caunt from Tri-AMM Developments Corporation is putting his 25+ years of building to the test with his first exterior insulated build. We will take you to Kamloops, BC where we will review his air barrier strategy and how he installed structural insulation around his windows.

November 17, Big Skylight Install — Baxt Ingui Architects and Team:

Episode 1: Our first episode of PH Accelerator Construction Tech, featuring Michael Ingui and team discussing the install details of a massive skylight in a Passive House retrofit in NYC.