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Alpen High Performance Products


Colorado-based Alpen High Performance Products manufacturers and sells North America's highest performing super-insulating windows and insulated glass units by incorporating a unique, award-winning proprietary combination of materials into our manufacturing process.

Our innovative products include two distinct window lines:

  • The Zenith Series utilizes a long strand, pultruded fiberglass frame with traditional North American operation (out swing casements/awning/sliding windows)

  • The Tyrol Series employs a unique fiberglass-reinforced uPVC frame with European operation (tilt/turn and hopper windows).

The culmination of years of innovation and technology development results in NFRC certified full-frame windows achieving up to R-11 performance, and insulated glass units with center-of-glass performance of up to R-20. Alpen is widely known for having pioneered the use of one or more layers of suspended, low-E coated film integrated into our self-manufactured insulated glass units to achieve unmatched insulation performance. Other options include traditional glass thicknesses utilized inside the IGU ("True Triple"), and more recently the award-winning integration of innovative ThinGlass (0.7 to 1.3mm thick) inside the IGU, resulting in ThinGlass Triples and even ThinGlass Quads.

Our products have been integral components in building envelope solutions for numerous award winning, high profile commercial and residential projects from coast-to-coast, including the re-glazing of all of the windows in the Empire State Building with super-insulated glass units manufactured by Alpen utilizing suspended coated film. With innovation being at the heart of our mission, we repeatedly set new standards for projects which which aim to achieve Passive House performance, along with other high performance design objectives (such as Living Building Challenge) throughout the United States and Canada.

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