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LAMILUX has been manufacturing high-quality skylights made from plastic, glass and aluminium for about 70 years. The purpose of these structures is to optimize the use of natural light and guide it into building interiors. Fitted with controllable flap systems, these skylights can also serve as smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVS) and energy-efficient building systems providing natural ventilation and roof access. The LAMILUX range includes a wide variety of different structures – from rooflight domes, flat roof windows and continuous rooflights through to glass roof constructions in aesthetically pleasing shapes. The LAMILUX Group with its 1200 employees also includes the steel and glass fabricator MIROTEC, whose constructions cover wide roof areas or large facades, as well as the lighting and ventilation expert roda/E.M.B.

Nowadays, anyone who builds or renovates needs to pay close attention to the energy efficiency of the building – due to increasingly stringent regulations and the urgency of climate change  The Passivhaus standard is one way of achieving these goals in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. For precisely this purpose, we have developed high performance skylights that offer exceptional thermal performance and airtightness to actively manage energy in buildings.

USA & Canada: 475 High Performance Building Supply - https://www.475daylight.com
Australia: EBSA Pty Ltd - https://www.ebsa.com.au
UK: LAMILUX U.K. Limited - www.lamiluxskylights.co.uk
Other countries: Contact LAMILUX head offices https://lamilux.com

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