Next Gen: Layering Thermanl Control into and Exiting Building (WED 12/13, 9am PT/ 12pm ET)


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Passive Homes rely on the simplicity of their design. New materials, new techniques, new thinking--all combined to produce a better product. LumenCache is unlike any other smart lighting system. It is an open infrastructure that surpasses traditional AC lighting and wireless controls. It installs quickly and easily and operates with the same reliability and simplicity as traditional AC wired switches. Then in one step, can transform into a complete controlled lighting system. LumenCache is the only product that can make this transformation. It's based on safe, low voltage DC power--the same current used inside LED lights, batteries, solar panels, and all modern devices. It's been reliably running in homes and buildings since 2012 and its patented modular design helps avoid obsolescence.

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LumenCache LED Lighting over Cat5 Installation in under 30 minutes