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Zola Windows

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Designed in Colorado and manufactured in Europe, Zola’s high performance windows & doors grace North America’s top Passive House buildings: from historic NYC brownstone retrofits to Rocky Mountain ski chalets to affordable multifamily buildings. Zola's offerings take full advantage of the superior low iron glass available in Europe and the German engineering that makes effortless operation of big units possible. We specialize in tilt and turn windows, lift slide doors, BreezePanel™ folding walls, American Heritage SDH™ simulated double hung windows, and a full line of Passive House entry doors. Available in clad wood, aluminum, uPVC, and wood frames.

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Zola for Landmark Restorations

Zola Windows - Keeping a Stellar Construction Crew Warm and Happy

Zola Windows - Thermo Clad Under Rocky Peak

Zola Windows - Dream Ski Home by the River

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