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Welcome to Advantage Architectural Woodwork, located in Northwest Kansas. We specialize in energy-efficient European Windows and Doors for low energy homes and buildings. Advantage Architectural Woodwork builds on the growing awareness that the use of energy efficient windows and doors make for a more refined and rewarding living experience. We focus on providing the most efficient, high quality, hand crafted energy efficient wood window and door systems that exceed the criteria required for low energy buildings and are custom-built to meet the needs of our customers. We offer an infinite amount of architectural possibilities creating endless stylistic elements. Meeting the needs of our customers is a priority!

For a passive house, smartwin is your product. These windows are made here in America with the same German engineering. These windows are a first class design for a passive house at an affordable price. All versions of smartwin meet strict criteria for use in passive houses. The materials used provide excellent insulating properties as well as high aesthetic and practical qualities. With the innovative components frames and high performance insulating triple-glazing these windows provide performance two-three times better than the current standard available on the market.

These windows have an elegant and slim frame with good insulation. With the aluminum on the outside it provides weather resistant to the outdoors while keeping the beauty of the wood on the inside. There is minimal frame appearance leaving the maximal glass surface for those beautiful views. These windows are easily affordable due to the simplified production method.

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