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Artisans Group is an Accelerator Partner.

Architecture, Design & Sustainability Services Firm

We are an innovative and award winning Architecture, Design & Sustainability Services firm dedicated to a better world through artful design and building science.

Located in the inspirational Pacific Northwest corner of the United States, we have designed more homes to the rigorous Passive House standard than any other U.S. firm.

With extensive custom remodels, new homes and commercial spaces as well as successful certifications in Built Green, LEED, and highly energy efficient custom Passive Houses in our finished portfolio, your aspirations + our experience = a world designed for lasting enjoyment.

We know the theory and we have the skills to create a healthier, better built, more sustainable, more energy efficient and more resilient building.

For you.  For us.  For our future.

About Artisans Group

Our Marketing Department wanted us to tell you about ourselves - to help us connect on a human level.

We want to talk about you.

We are passionate advocates of amazing design, and we are excited to get to know you.  We want to hear about your aspirations because listening to you is the first step to making something amazing. 

We listen to what you need and want, then our award winning team of architects, designers, drafters and project managers design a new level of reality for you.

From napkin sketch dreams through finishing touches and the years that follow - we are your design advocates for something better - this is the Artisans Group experience.

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