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At Build With Nature we create sustainable and healthy buildings that have a positive impact for the planet and the people who live in them. We are a small New England based design/build and consultancy company with over 15 years of experience building “passive houses” around the world. Our mission is to have the greatest sustainable impact possible by making passive houses easy to design and build using natural plant-based materials.

We have established a partnership with EcoCocon, the European manufacturer of prefabricated straw based building panels, to act as their representative to the United States. Using the proven EcoCocon modular system, we offer design, consulting, and construction services for the most sustainable projects. The EcoCocon building system has received certifications as both a Cradle-to-Cradle and a Passive House Component product.

With 10% of the straw grown in the US each year we could build 1.3 million homes and store a vast amount of CO2 rather than release it into the atmosphere.

Governments around the world have decided to achieve a carbon zero economy by 2050. We are helping to make that a reality today, by applying the absolute highest standards of passive house design and renewable materials. Building to “Passive House” standards is the easiest way to achieving Net-Zero, and building with our prefabricated modular straw panels is the easiest way to achieve a passive house that is carbon positive.

Our goal as a company is to become a critical support hub for builders, architects, developers and farmers while facilitating the development of high-tech regional manufacturing facilities across America in a completely closed loop system of economic and ecological synergies.

We are always looking for builders, developers, architects, and engineers who want to build sustainable, low energy, and "passive-house" buildings that are non-toxic, with high IAQ and fantastic indoor comfort.

Any design can easily be adopted to build with straw panels and we can make a customized order of all the envelope components including straw panels, air-barriers, high-performance windows, gypsum plaster base, and additional wood fiber board insulation, to meet the needs of your project.

For builders, and DIY homeowners, it has never been easier to become a prefab passive house builder as the panel constructions are very fast and approachable through conventional methods. We offer training to support you along the way.

The team at Build With Nature is here to support you in making your projects more sustainable and provide easy and fast solutions to create comfortable, durable, efficient buildings.