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Since its foundation in 2001 LANG consulting has conducted intensive networking, research and consulting work and thus has become a renowned expert in the field of passive houses.

From the very beginning, the passive house, energy efficiency and a look towards the future have been the constant focus of LANG consulting's professional activities. In the process, a broad range of aspects are covered in theoretical research and pioneering demonstration projects. As certified passive house designer, raiser and owner of the oldest Austrian certified passive house and planer of the first retrofit of a single-family house to a certified passive house, Günter Lang can offer the necessary know-how therefor. To spread the findings rapidly and extensively, Günter Lang is a speaker on the subject of passive houses at numerous congresses and technical meetings worldwide. Together with Markus Lang he forms the team of LANG consulting.

If you really want to get to know the passive house you have to experience it for yourself. This is why Günter Lang has shown his own passive house to great numbers of interested visitors but also conducts competently guided excursions to different passive houses for attendants from all over the globe. With the passathon we created a new sports event for sustainable buildings. Thousands of participants enjoyed that new way of architectural excursion by now.