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Peel Passive House Consulting was founded to support the development of the Passive House building standard in Canada and internationally. The firm’s vision is rooted in fostering the mainstream adoption of this world-class building standard throughout North America. Peel Passive House Consulting works with developers, architects, self-builders, consultants, contractors, governments, building departments, and manufacturers to support the design, construction, and certification of Passive House and low-carbon buildings, both residential and nonresidential. Their clients benefit from a unique combination of deep European experience and Canadian construction and market knowledge.

Peel Passive House Consulting staff have a combined 27 years of experience delivering Passive House consultancy, training, and certification services across three continents. They pride themselves on their responsiveness, rigour, and consistently thorough research, while delivering maximum value for clients. These qualities have contributed to their deservedly outstanding reputation within the Passive House industry, as evidenced by the types of cutting-edge beacon projects that they are invited to work on.

“We excel in a collaborative team environment and prefer being directly integrated into the design team,” says Andrew Peel, principal of Peel Passive House Consulting. The firm routinely works with other Passive House professionals to expand their capabilities and support delivery of their projects. Indeed, seasoned professionals often engage the company to provide highly technical advice that they would struggle to find elsewhere, particularly assistance with the Passive House modelling software—PHPP—which the firm helped develop. “We have an intimate knowledge of PHPP and can readily adapt the calculation engine to the specific needs of each project,” Peel says.

In addition to consulting on building projects, the firm offers a variety of related services, from manufacturer consulting to education and advocacy. The staff work directly with manufacturers and suppliers to assess the performance of their products and technologies and guide them through the Passive House component certification process. They develop education curricula and deliver professional training both publicly and privately. “We have developed North America’s first online training platform for Passive House education, available at,” says Peel, who adds, “Our employees regularly volunteer to support various Passive House initiatives and advocacy work.”

The strong relationship that Peel Passive House Consulting maintains with the Passive House Institute in Germany keeps the firm’s staff abreast of leading-edge Passive House research and developments in advanced markets. Their diverse work with different stakeholders uniquely positions the company to advance the various approaches, techniques, and products being adopted throughout the industry. Drawing on this fountain of knowledge allows them to provide clients with unparalleled advice and support on their most challenging projects. “Our comprehensive advice routinely saves clients more money than our fees, making our services cost positive,” Peel concludes.