Urban Architectural Initiatives (UAI)

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Founded in 1996, Urban Architectural Initiatives, RA, P.C. (UAI) is a minority-owned, vibrant and diverse group of professionals united around the idea that great architecture is not only for the privileged few. We believe in the foundational power of architecture to help all people lead a healthy, happy and dignified life.

A primary focus has been serving nonprofit, mission and community-based organizations to develop housing and community facilities, often with municipal funding sources. We take pride in the fact that our buildings benefit underserved communities including the homeless, mentally ill, senior citizens, the youth, veterans and low income families and individuals.

UAI is fully committed to designing deeply sustainable buildings with our clients’ comfort and well-being in mind. Our intention is to make thoughtful and responsible design decisions, grounded in building science, which emphasize highly energy-efficient and air-tight building envelopes and quality healthy interiors. Leading our sustainability efforts is a staff of Passive House and LEED professionals that recognize that our buildings must serve the needs of current and future generations.