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Dennis Wedlick


Dennis Wedlick is the founder of BarlisWedlick Architects. He established the firm as Dennis Wedlick Architect in 1992.

Wedlick began his architectural career with a 12-year apprenticeship to the master architect Philip Johnson. During his time in Johnson’s office he worked on urban and exurban development projects and spearheaded the compilation of a vast archive of Johnson’s residential design. Today Wedlick is best-known for his award-winning residential designs, but has also distinguished himself in master planning, landscape design, and environmental conservation. The Cooper-Hewitt, the Smithsonian’s National Design Museum, which honored Wedlick in 2003, described his work as containing “extraordinary amounts of poetry.” Habitat for Humanity, Columbia County, New York, which honored Wedlick, most recently in 2014, describes Wedlick as a “visionary, whose designs concern not only the health and welfare of his clients, but the community at large.”

Wedlick is a founding member of CORA, the Congress of Residential Architecture, a grassroots organization created to pool ideas among residential designers throughout the nation. He is author of five books on residential design, most recently Classic & Modern: Signature Styles (2013), co-authored with Alan Barlis. A pioneer in passive house design in the United States, Wedlick is frequently asked to speak at architectural and building meetings on residential architecture, energy conservation technology, and the environment.