180: Inner Development Goals (IDGs) and Buildings with Kevin Stack and Melissa O'Mara

In this episode of the Passive House Podcast, co-host Ilka Cassidy talks with Melissa O'Mara and Kevin Stack of The Leaders Co-Lab at the NYS Green Building Conference. Melissa and Kevin share their vision for transforming the built environment. Their session, "Accelerating Transformation through Inner Development Goals," unveils a profound approach to achieving sustainability not just through technical standards but by fostering inner growth and a shift in consciousness within the construction and architectural communities. Join us for a journey into the depths of what it means to build sustainably, not just through materials and metrics, but through the cultivation of our inner selves and our relationships with each other and the planet. This episode is a call to action for all involved in the creation and stewardship of our built environment, to embrace the IDGs and create a legacy of positive impact for the seventh generation and beyond.


Connect with Melissa: [email protected] 

 The IDG Framework: https://www.innerdevelopmentgoals.org/framework 

NYSERDA Buildings of Excellence Round 4 Awards https://passivehouseaccelerator.com/events/nyserda-buildings-of-excellence-round-four-awards

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