182: Building Excellence: Insights from NYSERDA's BOE Awards

In this episode of the Passive House Podcast, co-host Zack Smeke is live at the NYSERDA BOE Round 4 Awards. Listen in as he interviews Illya Azaroff,  Lois Arena, and award winners:  Fernando Villa and Sara Bayer,  Natalie Seagriff, Ed Ettinger, Sean Flynn and Mark Ginsberg. Explore their cutting-edge projects, and discuss the future of green building. From energy-efficient technologies to innovative materials, this episode is a deep dive into the strategies and challenges of creating buildings that not only look good but do good for the planet and communities. Whether you're a professional in the field or simply a fan of sustainability, join us for an inspiring look at the future of architecture and construction through the lens of NYSERDA's Buildings of Excellence.

Check out the winning projects: https://passivehouseaccelerator.com/articles/buildings-of-excellence-round-four-winners-announced


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