185: Refining Offerings & Expanding Production—Collective Carpentry Hits Its Stride

In this episode of the podcast, Co-Hosts Mary James and Ilka Cassidy speak with Heather Mott, Director of Architecture at Collective Carpentry. Heather provides an update on the progress of the company's pre-designed homes, known as Collective Homes.  She delves into the refinements made to their building process, including advancements in communication with consultants, feedback integration, and the importance of a holistic approach to sustainable construction. Heather also touches on geographical considerations, material choices, mechanical systems, and expansion plans for multi-family projects and a new production shop.

This episode is part of our month-long series covering perspectives on Prefab in Passive House, leading up to Reimagine Buildings: PreFab , taking place virtually on May 17th.

Check out Collective Carpentry here https://collectivecarpentry.com/

Heather will be speaking at Reimagine Buildings Prefab on May 17th! Register now: https://events.ringcentral.com/events/reimagine-buildings-live-prefab/registration

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