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Bonus Episode: Jessica Grove-Smith + Jan Steiger of Passive House Institute (IPHC 2023)

Passive House Podcast cohost Zack Semke interviews Jessica Grove-Smith and Jan Steiger, both Managing Directors of the Passive House Institute (PHI), about the upcoming 26th International Passive House Conference in Wiesbaden, Germany (March 10-12). They dive into the theme of the conference—Efficiency NOW—as well as the conference's focus on Passive House retrofit projects, approaches, and innovations, like the OutPHit initiative. 

This interview is the second of a series that the Passive House Accelerator will be conducting at the International Passive House Conference, thanks to generous support from: 

Learn more about Passive House Institute:
Explore PHI's Efficiency Now campaign:
Register for the International Passive House Conference: 

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