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Passive House Podcast Ep 17: Julie Torres Moskovitz, Fete Nature Architecture

Julie Torres Moskovitz, principal at Fete Nature Architecture, joins Passive House Podcast intern/producer Sydney Fishman and co-host Zack Semke on this week’s episod. Bringing refreshing perspectives to the table, Julie talks with the co-hosts about thermal imaging as a guide to practice, resilience and social justice, blower door testing during construction, and more.

Julies portfolio is expansive, including new construction to residential retrofits, FEMA flood resiliency and non-profit projects. In addition to being a practicing architect, Julie is the author of ‘The Greenest Home: Superinsulated and Passive House Design’, and an educator. Julie teaches the Eco Urban Systems seminar Syracuse University NYC and teaches at Pratt Institute of Design, where she is a Taconic Fellow.

Dive into the full episode to hear about Julie’s first Passive House project in Brooklyn and the impact city-level action can have on the viability of Passive House as a driver of equitable climate solution-making.

The conversation references a striking therm image of a Passive House retrofit in Brooklyn taken by Sam McAfee.

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