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Passive House Podcast Ep 24: Anton Dobrevski, Passive House School

Anton Dobrevski was born and raised in Bulgaria, where he says that houses are generally not built well or well insulated. Nevertheless, Anton was introduced to Passive House at an early age by his father, a pioneering Passive House builder in Bulgaria. Upon graduating from high school, Anton moved to the Netherlands to study architecture at Delft University of Technology. During one of his first assignments as a student, his class was advised to follow the Passive House standard. While eager to do so, he found that was hard to find practical information and resources about how to practically apply Passive House to design.

Anton believes that many architects have not necessarily been taught the specifics of how to design energy-efficient buildings. Added to this, many designers and builders around the world still have not yet heard of the Passive House Standard. Anton started the Passive House school to address these issues. A unique feature of the Passive House School is that it started online in order to reach a truly international audience. Three years on and one global pandemic later, the Passive House School is proving a success.

In this episode of the Passive House Podcast, Anton joins cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh to discuss his experience in launching Passive House School. The conversation also takes us through his journey of discovering Passive House, and how his father, who builds houses in Bulgaria, was an early adopter of building science technology.

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