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Passive House Podcast Ep 26: Prudence Ferreira, BR+A Consulting Engineers

You may know Prudence Ferreira through her role as cohost of Passive House Accelerator’s Global Passive House Happy Hour. Or perhaps you’ve been her student, learning the ins and outs of Passive House design and building science in one of Prudence’s many teaching engagements. She’s one of North America’s top Passive House innovators and a global leader in high-performance building practice. Now based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she’s Senior Associate with the Carbon Neutral Group at BR+A Consulting Engineers.

In this episode, Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Prudence about her pathway to Passive House (from professional dance to health food to corporate sustainability) and then dives into a fascinating conversation about the potential role of evolutionary algorithms, AI, and machine learning in accelerating the transition to high-performance building design, at scale, in the AEC industry.

Prudence is a licensed trainer, curriculum developer, author for PHIUS, and teaches the CPHC training program and Passive House workshops throughout the US. She helped author the CPHC Exam, helped train over 500 CPHCs, and is a contributor to CPHC training curriculum. She’s also an advisor for Passive House Accelerator.

Listen to the full episode about Prudence Ferreira’s pioneering Passive House practice.

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