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Passive House Podcast Ep 27: Ben Adam Smith, House Planning Help

Passive House podcaster extraordinaire Ben Adam-Smith of House Planning Help joins Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh for an entertaining conversation about how Ben came to his focus on Passive House, his burgeoning communications treasure trove at House Planning Help’s “The Hub”, his observations about Passive House adoption in the UK, and the secrets behind his Passive House communications superpowers.

Ben started his career in radio and TV production, including a stint as a radio presenter. But when he embarked on a journey to create an “eco” home for his family, he recognized the need for easier-to-find and easier-to-access info about sustainable design and construction. So he pivoted and launched a podcast about that journey. That podcast expanded to video content, a website, and now, The Hub. Listen to the interview to learn more!

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