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Passive House Podcast Ep 31: Clare Parry, HIP V. HYPE

Most Australians who know a bit about Passive House will know a bit about Clare Parry. If they haven’t met her personally, they will have been impacted by her leadership. In this interview, Clare shares with Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh how she had to travel to New Zealand to attend Passive House training because there wasn’t any available in Australia when she first became interested. And there wasn’t any Australia-based Passive House training until Clare herself set it up. She went on to become the founding Chair of the now well-established Australian Passive House Association and is one of only two Passive House Certifiers in the country. As well as being one of Australia’s leading Passive House professionals, Clare has extensive experience in a broad range of building rating tools, including LEEDGreen StarWELL and NABERS. She is currently the Better Buildings Lead at the innovative practice, HIP V. HYPE, in Melbourne.

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