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Passive House Podcast Ep 47: Chris Ballard, Passive House Canada

Passive House Podcast cohost Zack Semke interviews Chris Ballard, CEO of Passive House Canada. Chris took the helm of PHC in 2019 and he brings a timely skillset to the role: deep knowledge of and experience with the levers of policy and government action. He has a strong history of climate-related work, most recently as Ontario’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change. He also served as the Minister of Housing, the Minister responsible for Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy, and the Executive Director of the 60,000 member Consumers’ Association of Canada (Ontario), among many other leadership roles during his career. Chris shares his path to Passive House and dives into Passive House Canada’s exciting policy and educational initiatives at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. Many listeners will be aware of the leadership that Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada are taking in advancing Passive House adoption. Learn how that work is being ushered forward, and coaxed into being, by a key Passive House institution, its staff, and its leader.

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