Passive House Podcast Ep 64: Bohemia Hookham, DesignInc Melbourne

Matthew interviews Bohemia Hookham, architect with DesignInc Melbourne and board member of the Australian Passive House Association, about her work on the Glenroy Community Hub project.

Bohemia Hookham is a registered architect and Certified Passive House Designer based in Melbourne, Australia and is playing a key role in the creation of one of Australia’s latest groundbreaking Passive House projects. Just North of the city of Melbourne the Glenroy Community Hub will be the first Passive House of its type in the country. Matthew Cutler-Welsh caught up with Bohemia to talk about how the inception of this project and some of the design challenges of adhering to the Passive House standard in such a versatile public building. Once completed, the community hub promises to be another great showcase of the emerging vernacular of Passive House in the Southern Hemisphere.