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Passive House Podcast Ep 67: Chris Nunn, Australian Passive House Association

Chris Nunn is a sustainability advocate working to bring Passive House to mainstream attention. At the time of our interview, Chris was just completing a successful four-year term as Chair of the Australian Passive House Association. As well as overseeing significant growth in the uptake of Passive House in Australia during that time, Chris' experience of Passive House culminated in the completion of his own home project in 2021. The suburban Sydney Passive House Premium family home was the main focus of our chat. 

This project is yet another demonstration of how applicable Passive House is to all climates around the world and how insulation, airtightness and ventilation can work just as well for keeping cool as they can for keeping warm. 

It's also incredibly encouraging to know there are people like Chris with influence and connections in the world of real estate and finance that are committed to Passive House as a proven method of achieving sustainable development. Listen here.

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