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Passive House Podcast Ep 78: Toby Tilsley, Craft Homes

Toby Tilsley is a builder, Certified Passive House Tradesperson, and Homestar® Practitioner and Assessor with 20 years of project management experience and over 15 years of practical knowledge gained in the Auckland building market. He is the founder and director of Craft Homes, a company specializing in healthy, energy-efficient, and sustainable residential building. In this interview, Toby shares with Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh why he started building in the first place, how the IDEAL House inspired his interest in Passive House and why he likes training young, relatively inexperienced builders to join his team. Be sure to check out the documentary series that Toby is putting together.

After the interview, Matthew and cohost Zack Semke discuss upcoming events, links to which can be found here: https://passivehouseaccelerator.com/articles/passive-house-weekly-march-14-2022

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