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Special Passive House Component Episode: Paul Grahovac and Pat Downey of PROSOCO

In this special Passive House Component Episode, Passive House Podcast cohost Zack Semke interviews Paul Grahovac and Pat Downey of PROSOCO, provider of the R-Guard system of fluid-applied air and water barriers since the early days of the North American Passive House movement. 

Paul and Pat share how the R-Guard system was originally an outgrowth of building rescue work, how PROSOCO worked with the International Living Future Institute to remove phthalates from their product chemistry in order to be included on the Bullitt Center project, and how a recent code-built high school in Washington State became an "Accidental Passive House" due to the Passive House-level of airtightness that was accidentally achieved by the project team after they applied PROSOCO's fluid-applied membranes.

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