Bellwether on Main

Photos: Dan Levy

Bellwether on Main is a duplex in the center of Hillsdale NY's historic district, designed to blend with surrounding buildings. The second, smaller unit is intended as a short-term rental and educational site, to enable guests to experience the extraordinary comfort of an autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) Passive House, as I did previously with my Woodstock Passive House which many of you toured in person or on an early PH Accelerator segment. The structure is autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), and the project is the US and Canadian test site of U-Stucco (tm) directly applied to 6" of Rockwool Comfortboard 80. The Comfortboard is attached with Ejot thermally broken fasteners. The interior of the AAC is also finished with U-Stucco, which serves as plaster. AAC is airtight, thermal and acoustic insulation is inherent, and all exterior products are fire, moisture, mold, insect, and rodent resistant. Bellwether is pre-certified by Phius as a net-Zero duplex. Includes basalt rebar in lieu of steel, innovative SAHP heat pump water heaters with external refrigerant panels, ductless air-source heat pumps--one per floor per building, enthalpy wheel energy recovery ventilation, and low voltage DC lighting.

Dan Levy, Greenspring Building, LLC. Website under construction; previous site shows the Woodstock Passive House: