Next Gen: Layering Thermanl Control into and Exiting Building (WED 12/13, 9am PT/ 12pm ET)

BIPA Styling Lounge

The energy-efficient renovation of the BIPA branch at Kärntnerstrasse 1-3 reduced the heating requirement from 100 kilowatt hours (KWh) to 14 KWh. In conjunction with this thermal renovation and other Passive House components, increases in lighting efficiency resulted in an 80% reduction in energy requirements. This was the first “next generation” BIPA branch to utilize Passive House components, and it now serves as a model for all BIPA "green stores" worldwide.

The usable area of ​​the commercial enterprise extends over two floors. The unheated basement, which sits outside the thermal envelope, is used as storage space and the sales area is on the ground floor. The basement is outside the thermal envelope. On the floors above the BIPA branch are shops and apartments.

[Images courtesy of LIMITarchitects]

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