Hope View House

This building, named the Hope View House, was completed in 2017. It is set into a steeply sloping hillside and faces due south with most windows having a floor to ceiling glazing on that facade. To avoid potential problems with overheating, the glazed facade is set 1.5m back behind a stone clad arcade which creates a covered colonnade. This simple solution provides optimal solar shading.

The brief for this project was for a “forever home” taking in the panorama of the surrounding countryside. Located on a steeply sloping site classed as “open countryside” meant that any attempt to develop the site would have been seen as contrary to planning policy locally and required a Paragraph 55 exception dwelling to unlock. Furthermore we set ourselves the goal of achieving a Passivhaus as a statement of intent at planning stage.

Completed March 2017, this scheme won a RIBA West Midlands Regional Design Award 2018 and the RIBA Sustainability Award 2018

“As its name suggests, the special quality of Hope View House is the way it concentrates one’s perception and appreciation of its panoramic view over the Malvern hills. To the challenges of achieving planning permission on a steeply sloping hill in an area of outstanding natural beauty were added the clients’ ambition to achieve the very onerous sustainability Passivhaus standard.” RIBA Press Release.

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