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Innsbruck University Passive House Building

Following its success in an open, EU-wide realisation competition, ATP was commissioned to refurbish the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering. Originally built in 1968 and retrofitted in 2014, this building is a perfect example of a cost-effective retrofit, as many of the existing components were kept. The entire reinforced concrete supporting structure, consisting of ceilings and columns, as well as the reinforced concrete facade, were successfully preserved. By overhauling the remaining components (most importantly - the building envelope), the heating demand of the building was lowered by a factor of 8!

The refurbishment project envisages the remodelling of the two building complexes taking the various disciplines in the fields of architecture and engineering into account and the optical and visual reorganisation of how the teaching staff and students use the buildings. The relaunch thus aims to remove the uniformity of the buildings and make them much more responsive to both the educational and the constructional contexts.

The engineering building is designed as a powerful “tower”. The clear, closed façade makes this a landmark for the entire site. The architecture building is, on the other hand, much more open, transmitting an impression of liveliness and variety. This provides a clear contrast to the precise, calm effect of the engineer´s tower without, however, endangering the sense of ensemble. The ground floor café should underline the campus nature of the area.

As part of the refurbishment project for the engineering building, ATP worked with GBD Mosbacher to develop a new, intelligent type of window based on the tried-and-trusted top-hung system. The use of this window makes it possible to develop a very dense, compact low-tech building, which is largely naturally ventilated and meets passive house standards in the “refurbishment” category.

This building 8897 m² space is a university building and is the largest certified EnerPHit retrofitted building in the Passive House database.

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