101 Series: Continuous Insulation (10/4, 12pm ET / 9am PT)

Lincoln Net Positive Farmhouse

Designed and built in collaboration with Thoughtforms Corporation, the Lincoln Net Positive Farmhouse offers the homeowners flexible, multi-purpose living spaces, a strong indoor-outdoor connection, and healthy, energy efficient living.

The all-electric, net-positive home consumes 70% less energy than a comparable house built to code and uses a 13.1 kW array of solar panel to produce 67% more energy than required for annual consumption. Thick walls and roofs lack thermal bridging by using dense packed cellulose and continuous rigid insulation. High-performance, triple-glazed windows round out the super-insulated building envelope. Measured at .27ACH50, air leakage for the enclosure is exceptionally low. An air source heat pump and an energy recovery ventilator ensure optimal thermal comfort in all weather conditions and provide a constant supply of fresh outdoor air. A heat pump hot water heater, Energy Star appliances, and induction cooking complete the high-efficiency package.

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