Little Mountain Cohousing


Heating Demand

14.7 kWh(m2a)

Space Cooling



58.1 kWh(m2a)


n50 = 0.6/h

Little Mountain Cohousing is a 6-storey residential development with 25 apartments, large amenity spaces, guest suite, common laundry, common kids room, common workshops and a common roof deck with large urban farming beds.

Cohousing is a development philosophy that attempts to foster a sense of community without sacrificing the autonomy of individual ownership. Through a participatory design process, future owners come together to create a community of individually owned private homes clustered around some combination of indoor and outdoor shared space.

The U-shaped building is wrapped around a common courtyard adjacent to all common ground floor spaces and an exterior staircase with exterior pathways which facilitate visual connection to the courtyard from every level.

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