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Morningside Crossing

Morningside Crossing is a 46-unit senior housing project consisting of a mix of one- and two-bedroom affordable and market rate units. The project, a collaboration with NK Architects, combines a Passive House adaptive reuse of the existing Morningside School and a new Passive House addition located over on-site parking.

The site also includes an outdoor public plaza that engages the greater Morningside community by providing a dedicated, vibrant, civic space that hosts activities like tai chi and yoga classes, the neighborhood’s Christmas tree sale, and summer movie showings. A fitness room and community room available to the residents and neighbors further encourages multi-generational interactions. A neighborhood center, run by Citiparks, occupies the commercial end of the site, and offers a meals program, community classes, and wellness programs.

Morningside Crossing is one of the first projects in the country designed for seniors using Passive House criteria, bringing them the health and comfort benefits of that approach.

PHFA, Innovation in Design Award, July 2016

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