Nuthatch Hollow


Heating energy

Cooling energy

Total source energy

Peak heating load

Cooling load

Air leakage

6.4 kBtu/ft²/yr



4.6 Btu/hr/ft²


0.05 ACH50/ft² (design)

At Ashley McGraw Architects, our ambitions encompass creating a regenerative and resilient world where humans live in alignment with, and contribute to, the natural systems all around us. That’s why, when approached by Binghamton University to design a 3,000-ft2 environmental learning and research facility located on a 70-acre nature preserve in Binghamton, New York, we set an ambitious agenda. The Nuthatch Hollow facility is being designed to meet both the Passive House and the Living Building Challenge (LBC) standards.

Developed by the International Living Future Institute, the LBC is one of the most aspirational and rigorous holistic building standards in the world today, with only 20 projects to date achieving full certification. Passive House, both the U.S. and the German versions, is based on the need to make drastic energy reductions in our buildings to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change. PHIUS has developed a set of criteria that takes into account climate-specific variations and cost considerations, and we chose to work toward that standard. Read the full article here.

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