Home Energy Rating Score (HERS Index):


Actual Energy Use Intensity (EUI):

0.69 kBtu/sf/yr

Airtightness (measured):

1.29 ACH50

Renewable Energy (Rooftop solar PV):

5.36 kW (system size) 6,218 kWh (estimated annual solar production)

Outlet re-imagines a couple’s unique street-to-street urban lot with the addition of a new outbuilding connected to their existing residence through an open garden terrace. Referencing a historical model prevalent in Philadelphia, Outlet articulates its use –rental unit (living) atop an artist studio (workshop) -- through the abstracted form of a carriage house, while its defining arched window is transposed from the stonework of a neighboring 1800’s church. Prioritizing a sustainable environment for the client’s family and guests, the design team utilized Passive House principles to inform the project’s technical development. As evidence of the home’s elevated standards of healthy living, the rental unit has been adapted to serve first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing frontline workers with isolated access to clean air and comfortable seclusion.

Project team:

Design-Builder: Future & Sons (Travis Douglas & team) http://www.futureandsons.com/

Energy Rater / Verifier: DSB Energy (David Berg) http://www.dsbenergy.com/

Structural Engineer: Larsen & Landis http://www.larsenlandis.com/

Solar Provider: Solar States https://www.solar-states.com/

Photography: Sam Oberter https://www.samoberter.com/