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Passive House Classic in Bulgaria

The Passive House is located on the southern slopes of Stara Planina. The house is situated on the highest part of the village of Voynegovtzi. It is surrounded by a picturesque nature and it has superb views to Sofia and Vitosha Mountain.

The idea to build this family house is to show that the profitability, the comfort and the environmental friendliness not only don’t contradict, but rather complement. That’s possible, thanks to the Passive House Standard, in Bulgaria also. The house is built with materials produced in Bulgaria. Considering the profitability, designers had not intended to use renewable energy sources. They were mainly driven by the principles of the design of Passive Houses.

The Passive House in Voynegovtzi, Sofia, is designed to consume 5 times less energy than a house built according the existing regulation in Bulgaria, while providing excellent comfort in all seasons, thanks to the good insulation, high quality windows with correct orientation, carefully calculated shading, thermal bridge free construction and ventilation with high efficient heat recovery.

The Passive House is three-store detached single family house for a family with 2 children. The house is solid construction and has a large specific capacity, having constant comfortable temperature, even when it is not habitable for a long period of time. The TFA of the house is 151.5 m2. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen are organized in open space on the first floor. On the sought part of the second floor are concentrated the bedrooms – the master bedroom and 2 children bedrooms. On the third floor there is a cabinet on the sought part of the floor. All the servicing rooms are concentrated on the north part of the house.

The house has its own source of domestic water and wastewater treatment plant, making it independent from fluctuations in central water supply. There is a solar system for DHW, which provides hot water for most of the year

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