Passive House Turnaround


Blower door

0.72 ACH50

Annual Heat Demand

7.4 kBtu/sfyr (23.3 kWh/m2a) (design

Annual Cooling Demand

3.6 kBtu/sfyr (11.5 kWh/m2a) (design)

Source/primary energy demand

16.7 kBtu/sfyr (52.6 kWh/m2a) (design)

Located in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood, this 1910 Row Home has been completely renovated and includes a new addition and excavated cellar. The house is fully retrofitted with the latest Passive House technologies and insulation standards. With skylights throughout, large bay windows, and sliding glass doors, this single family home is filled natural light. Expert design and craftsmanship has brought this century old property to state-of-the-art standards while paying respect to its original character.