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Passive Park Plus

Park Passivhaus Plus is a two storey, single-family home with ~1317 sqft (122 m2) of Treated Floor Area. It was built on an urban infill lot in 2012/2013 by a Boston Design/Build firm Placetailor. Foundation is a combination of a stem wall and a shallow ring beam, separated by mineral wool. Walls are double studs with 14.5" of dense packed cellulose. There are 2 smart membranes in the envelope - outside is a SIGA Majvest (with high PERM rating) and inside is SIGA Majpell 5 with a low PERM rating. Membranes and windows are all taped with SIGA tapes. Windows are triple pane, tilt and turn, imported from Europe. Heating and cooling are done by a Mitsubishi mini-split. Hot water is supplied with a Solar Thermal system and the whole house is ventilated with an HRV. With the addition of a small PV in 2016, the house has been Net Positive!

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