101 Series: Continuous Insulation (10/4, 12pm ET / 9am PT)

Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kinderhook, NY

A congregation in upstate New York committed to Passive House when it came time to build a permanent home. After a long fundraising, design and construction process the new 6,500 sf church, complete with community center and classrooms opened in 2016. BarlisWedlick Architects designed the building with The Levy Partnership as the Passive House Consultant. The building uses structural insulated panel walls, an unconditioned attic with cellulose insulation, a commercial HRV from Ultimate Aire and ductless heat pumps for space conditioning. This presentation will cover the client motivation, the design, and performance of the building over the past two years using utility bills as the data source. Energy use will be compared to the PHPP model. An overview of the building construction and HVAC strategy (including ventilation controls) will be provided, as well as feedback from building occupants on comfort and operational experience.

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