Skeena Residence Hall at University of British Columbia

The Skeena Residence provides 220 bedrooms for students at the University of British Columbia. The architecture team understands that student residences aren’t just for sleeping. In the design for this typology, a balance of academic priorities and recreation is important. On the first level, Skeena Residence has a large laundry room in close conversation (a glass wall separates them) with adjacent lounge and social spaces. The relationship between the two spaces encourages chance meetings and happenstance gatherings. Moreover, the transparency offers passive surveillance, or visibility that promotes a sense of security. In short, the design of the building supports community life.

To further maintain safety and privacy, the upper five floors contain the residence apartments, semiprivate living, and study areas. Each of these five floors contains a homey house lounge with views of the surrounding mountains and a kitchenette, dining table, and couches, and—to keep unlike activities acoustically separated—a study room at the other end of the building.

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