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Townhome Turnaround

Located in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood, this 1910 Row Home has been completely renovated and includes a new addition and excavated cellar. The house is fully retrofitted with the latest Passive House technologies and insulation standards. With skylights throughout, large bay windows, and sliding glass doors, this single family home is filled with natural light. Expert design and craftsmanship has brought this century old property to state-of-the-art standards while paying respect to its original character.

“It is amazing how one is accustomed - from a history of living in poorly insulated houses one’s entire life - to feeling the air get colder and draftier as you approach the windows. But in this home, you get right up to the window and even on very cold days the air feels basically the same as it does anywhere in the house, with the possible exception of North facing windows on the very coldest days but still it’s pretty comfy. But on the other hand, the air nearest the South facing windows can be quite a bit warmer than the rest of the house and hopefully the ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) is grabbing that heat and putting it to use elsewhere.”

-Home Owner

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