Washington Heights Multifamily


Air Leakage

0.08 CFM50/ft² of envelope area

Heating energy

0.1 kWh/ft²/yr

Cooling Energy


Total Source Energy

19.6 Wh/ft²/yr

Peak Heating Load

0.8 Watts/ft²

Peak Cooling Load

11.3 Watts/ft²

Washington Heights Multifamily-Passive House, a 6-story, mixed-use rental building with medical offices on the first floor, is located in Washington Heights neighborhood. Residential units are on the 2-6th floor, and there is an outdoor recreation area at the back. Designers sourced polished concrete for the floors and ceilings. Designed by PM Architects, the building maximizes energy efficiency and Passive House benefits from increasing insulation at the building’s exterior walls.

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Photos by Iklyl Sari