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Latin American Passivhaus Institute | Instituto Latinoamericano Passivhaus


Latin American Passivhaus Institute | Instituto Latinoamericano Passivhaus (ILAPH) is a non-profit organization (NGO) formed in 2019 by industry professionals from Latin America and Europe committed to providing leadership, education, training and certification across Latin America for the adoption of Passivhaus (Passive House) building performance standards and methodologies. ILAPH is a collaborative network that promotes the decarbonization of the building industry through implantation of the Passivhaus (Passive House) standard as established by the Passive House Institute (www.passivehouse.com) located in Darmstadt, Germany. When properly applied, the Passivhaus standard can result in energy savings of ~90% versus average code-built buildings and directly corresponds to a meaningful reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions.

ILAPH is committed to a unified Latin America and currently has representatives in twenty (20) countries including: Argentina | Bolivia | Brazil | Chile | Colombia | Costa Rica | Cuba | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras | Mexico | Nicaragua | Panama | Paraguay | Puerto Rico | Peru | Uruguay | Venezuela