Peel Passive House


Peel Passive House Consulting is the most experienced Passive House consulting firm in Canada. Our consultants have a combined 27 years delivering PH consultancy, training, and certification projects across 3 continents. We pride ourselves on being responsive, rigorous, and well researched while delivering maximum value for clients.

The strong relationship we maintain with the Passive House Institute in Germany keeps us abreast of leading edge PH research and developments in advanced markets. Our diverse work with different stakeholders uniquely positions us to advance the various approaches, techniques, and products being adopted throughout the industry. We draw on this fountain of knowledge to provide our clients with unparalleled advice and support on their most challenging projects. Our comprehensive advice routinely saves clients more money than our fees, making our services cost positive. These factors have contributed to our outstanding reputation within the Passive House industry, which is reflected in the types of beacon projects we are invited to work on (refer to Experience in the menu above).

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