Brian Hayes

Brian a designer, builder, timber framer and woodworker with over 20 years’ experience in building and design. Before moving to Vermont, Brian operated Lakeshore Building Company in the Central New York lakes region, with focuses on historical restorations and timber framing.

Founding BWC in 2012, the company continues to evolve, offering a range of consultation design and construction services. Brian is guided by a reverence for the natural environment endeavoring to have a positive impact on conventional building practices toward goals of sustainably constructed high performance structures, net-positive atmospheric carbon reduction, occupant health, and social justice. BWC contributes to the forward progression and use of plant-based building systems, local resources as a viable and affordable method of construction, as well as standing in support of environmental and social reform.

Brian is a PHI Passive House Consultant, PHUIS Passive House Designer/ Consultant, BPI Building Analyst, Efficiency Vermont High Performance Partner, Board Member of Vermont Passive House, NESEA Triple Bottom Line Member/Company and a supporting member of the Timber Framers Guild.