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Craig Stevenson

Craig is President of AUROS Group, which is a technology company based in Pittsburgh, PA. Craig is widely known for his role in establishing Pittsburgh as a leader in “Evidence-based Performance” for the built environment. Evidence-based Performance uses technology to bridge the gap between “hoping” a building is performing as designed to “knowing” a building is meeting its performance goals.

Craig is credentialed in virtually all known building performance standards. As a result, Craig focuses solely on owner’s performance requirements for their building(s). Using cutting-edge technology, Craig and his AUROS360 capabilities ensure owners balance building performance goals with construction costs and long-term operating costs.

Craig sits on the North American Passive House Network Board of Directors. Craig is a founding member and Vice President of the Passive House Western Pennsylvania organization. Craig is also a committee member with the AIA+2030 Committee on the Environment.

Craig is an author of The Power of Existing Buildings: Save Money, Improve Health, Reduce Environmental Impacts book published by Island Press. Craig is also an author of Two Project Case Studies and the Lessons They Teach about Whole Building Envelope Air Leakage Testing, Manuscript ID STP-2018–0029, published by ASTM STP: Selected Technical Papers.