Kimerly Llewellyn

Climate change, labor shortages, energy efficiency imperatives and rising consumer expectations are just a few of the influencing factors our industry is experiencing. In response, we are mobilizing towards Net Zero construction, developing more modularized building processes and advancing smart control technologies. There is a sense of urgency characterizing this rapid rate of development which must be balanced with intention.
How we design, construct and live in our built environment has a tremendous impact on our global ecosystem. My background in Environmental Engineering has been put to use in the construction industry since 2010 working as a mechanical designer and educator on the subject of VRF and healthy, integrated mechanical system design. Field work as a HERS rater and building failure consultant shaped my holistic, field based perspective. Because it’s crucial to balance theory and practice, I keep my boots dirty, hold skilled trades in very high regard and refuse to gloss over inconvenient field realities. For the past four years, I have had the fantastic experience of working with Mitsubishi’s Performance Construction Team which is committed to providing healthy, efficient and reliable mechanical solutions to the high performance building market.