101 Series: High-Performance Windows & Doors

PHA Live 101 rectangle pendleton and cassidy

November's 101 session features Ilka Cassidy, co-host of the Passive House Podcast and co-founder of Holzraum System, along with Shannon Pendleton, owner of Sanderson Sustainability Design, Passive House Consultant at Source 2050, and Passive House Accelerator LIVE! Construction Tech co-host. In the third episode of our 101 series, we'll discuss the critical significance of windows and doors in the construction of Passive House buildings. Key topics include:

  1. The importance of the window as a critical part of the thermal envelope, has to fulfill all PH envelope criteria: airtightness, thermal bridge free, meet comfort and condensation risk requirements.

  2. Taking a look at high performance windows, what is available, and what is the difference to standard windows - what are the parameters that describe a high performance window - glazing U value, frame U value, spacer PSI value (installation, SHGC).

  3. Installation of high performance window - Three Passive House install scenarios: Site Built, new construction, Prefab, Masonry Retrofit. - Taping, air and water management, and thermal continuity.

  4. Solar Optimization, glazing ratio, orientation, SHGC, and shading. - Rules of thumb glass to wall ratio, U value/ SHGC  - Prescriptive path, compared to performance path.

  5. Energy modeling windows. What info do I need and what to ask the manufacturer? Impact of window specs in the energy model. Opportunities and shortcomings in an energy model to predict system sizing and overheating.