Brandon Weiss: Off-site PH Projects

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Brandon Weiss of Dvele stopped by Construction Tech Tuesday last week to talk about the technical, the technique, and the technology of the ridiculously cool prefabricated, modular homes his company makes at their factory in Loma Linda, California. Describing his firm as a “high-design, high-performance technology company that is scaling energy efficient, self-reliant, human health- and wellness-centric homes through an offsite modular platform,” he walked through the entire process of building a Dvele home, from assembly in their factory to installation at the jobsite, before taking questions.

As Brandon said during the presentation, building offsite can reduce costs, slash waste, and cut down on the time it takes to actually build the home. Offsite construction eliminates weather delays (it never rains or snows in the factory) and the crew doesn’t have to spend the first fifteen minutes of every day unpacking tools and the last fifteen minutes of every day packing everything back up. Meanwhile, the onsite work just requires a few weeks of stitching and assembly. Typically, the time between permitting and move-in date can be as little as six months.

You can learn more about Dvele and the world of prefab construction here:

Author: Jay Fox