Breaking the Norm: Influencing the Design Process and Emerging Markets for PH

PHALive! CT 0713 PositiveEnergy

High performance buildings don’t magically become high performance when they’re built. And there’s no guarantee that the architectural design process will lead to the right outcomes on its own. Having quantitative feedback for designs early in the design process can make all the difference, especially if Passive House performance is a project goal.

Austin, Texas based Positive Energy is a unique firm that has built its reputation and business on offering high performance MEP engineering services to the residential architecture market with a focus on health, comfort, and decarbonizing. The firm has tackled Passive House projects spanning many different different scales and budgets. Kate Bren, and M Walker join this Construction Tech session with an in depth look at three case studies highlighting Positive Energy projects that shifted conventional consultant choreography and leveraged deep performance analyses during the conceptual design phase.